The dates July 7-9, 2016 are ones that Savannahians will be talking about for a long time. Why’s that? It’s the weekend of the Big River Film Festival debut in The Hostess City.

This brand new film fest—one created to support and champion independent filmmakers around the globe—is an addition to an already impressive list of celebrations of cinematic creativity that take place in Savannah. A list that includes Mountainfilm Savannah, Gray Reef’s Ocean Film Festival, Savannah Jewish Film Festival and Savannah Film Festival (presented by SCAD).

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And what better city is there than Savannah to add a showcase of marvelous independent films.

  • For one, our city is home to SCAD, known for its cutting-edge art and design education and for world-class facilities and state-of-the-art technology that make it a film hub of the South.
  • Two, Greater Savannah has long been the filming location for scores of movies for the big screen and for television. The first film shot here was all the way back in 1915.
  • What’s more, Savannah took the #1 spot on Movie Maker Magazine’s 2016 list of the “Top 10 Small Cities and Towns to Live and Work as a Moviemaker.”

As for the Big River Film Festival itself, here are a few fast facts that you may or may not know.

  • The festival is presented by Savannah-based Wonder Worthy Productions which works with talent around the world to create a high-quality film, television and new media projects. 
  • It will premiere nearly 100 films created by rising independent filmmakers worldwide.
  • Film screenings are just one part of the experience. You can also pick among a variety of workshops, panels and networking opportunities, plus great parties and exciting exhibits.
  • Screenings include feature films, short films, new media, animation, and documentaries.
  • Signature programs include Filmmaker-In-The-Know, coffee talks, and master classes. Want to learn the ins and outs of casting? There’s a class for that. Screenwriting or directing on your wish list? You’ve covered on them too, as well as for assorted other filmmaking topics.
  • A number of juried cash awards are up for grabs; the audience also gets a say-so in some.
  • The debut roster of programmed films features special screenings that are not in the competition, such as the award-winning feature film “Ben & Ara” and an inspirational short film, “My Brother’s Keeper,” directed by Big River’s co-founder Samone Norsworthy.  


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Now, here’s more of what you need to know about attending the Big River Film Festival debut.

The venue is Savannah Civic Center, home to Johnny Mercer Theater—one of our local favorites as an entertainment destination for a variety of live performances and cinema.

The start time for events on Friday and Saturday is 10:00am.  The concert and closing ceremonies begin at 8:00pm on Saturday.

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You can buy a daily ($50) or two-day ($85) ticket to access the exhibit hall and get as much screen time as you can squeeze into that day or two. To go to all the events at the festival, purchase a VIP Access Pass for $150. If you just want to take in the concert—featuring the Kick the Robot rock trio—and closing ceremonies, shell out $40 and you are good to go.

The Big River Film Festival is another big plus for Savannah’s bustling arts and entertainment scene. And it’s all part of the wonderful, well-rounded lifestyle that our city  offers—a lifestyle that all of us at Live Love Savannah absolutely treasure. And truth be told, we do brag about it a bit and we are always happy, energized and excited to use our city and neighborhood-lifestyle expertise to help our real estate clients find just what they are looking for.