The islands and inlets that surround Savannah serve to make this area one of the most interesting and unique places in America. There are properties that provide both privacy and recreational attractions for just the right person. Isle of Hope is one of the most amazing places in the Savannah area. It combines great living and wonderful history.

The History of Savannah and Isle of Hope is Intertwined

Isle of Hope is not some real estate development that cropped up over the last few years. It has been commercially used and inhabited since the 18th century. It is rumored that pirates used Isle of Hope to bury treasure, and children still go looking for chests full of gold doubloons. This was a place where people tried to escape epidemics in the past, and Isle of Hope was a favorite summer resort in the early days of the 20th century. It can honestly be said that Isle of Hope is part of the soul of the Coastal Empire. So much history was made in this island.

Truly a Residential Paradise

There is a calm that envelops Isle of Hope. You see people strolling the Bluff, walking their dog, jogging and bike riding. There is the marine serenity that only comes when you are surrounded by water. There are not that many commercial establishments on the island, but that really doesn't matter. What matters is the sense of community that the residents share. Its natural beauty is not going unnoticed by outsiders. As a matter fact, Isle of Hope has been used for a number of Hollywood scene shots that were used in movies such as Glory and Gator. The hiking trails that wander through the maritime forest of the Wormsloe Historic Site allow a person a chance to see approximately 400 live oaks and other interesting examples of nature. Those who have boats can take advantage of the marina that is located on Isle of Hope.

Great Properties to Inspect

It is only about 15 minutes from downtown Savannah and so commuting for a busy executive is not difficult at all. While the island does have its share of historical homes, just take a drive down Bluff Drive to see for yourself. The vast majority are owned outright, with only a small percentage being rented. The houses on the island are something that professional people and executives would greatly appreciate. They provide the opportunity to live in a stress-free area that is within quick driving distance of work and shopping. Isle of Hope combines great stories of Georgia history with a laid-back lifestyle that encourages a person to relax after a long day at the office.

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Live Love Savannah concentrates on finding you the right home. We are a boutique real estate agency in Savannah and we help clients find just the right place to live. We know all about the available properties on Isle of Hope and we can help you search the island for the perfect place for you to live.

The hustle and bustle of Savannah is only minutes away, and we can find you a spot on the island where you can enjoy the sea breezes and a comfortable home.

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Below are some of the properties around Isle of Hope;

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