The spring market is just around the corner and many home buyers and sellers eagerly await the warmer weather to sell or buy houses. But contrary to popular belief that winter market is not a good time to sell a house because of the weather, it is slowly gaining traction as home sellers start listing their houses as early as the holiday festivities are over in January. Real estate market has greatly changed over the last few years and Savannah’s market follow closely behind with more sellers listing their houses as early as January.

There really is no right or wrong time to sell a house if you are asking if you should wait until spring to sell your house. It varies greatly around different circumstances like a possible relocation and it would also depend on local market conditions. Savannah's real estate market usually picks up during spring when the weather is a lot nicer, however, people have started looking for houses and sellers have begun talking to their agents.

Thinking of Listing Your House?

People think that houses looks better in spring and decide to wait out until then to sell when the grass is greener and flowers are starting to bloom, but one fact to consider is buyers are more motivated to purchase if they decide on going out of their warm houses to look at your house. Working closely with your realtor greatly helps in marketing your house and getting buyers to look at your home. In staging your home for open houses during winter market, there is nothing better than having people come in for your open house with a fire blazing in the fireplace, a warm cup of coffee and the smell of cookies baking in the oven. Adjusting your thermostat to a comfortable warm setting will make them feel more at home. It is also a great way for buyers to picture out how they can be cozy during cold weather. Be sure to keep driveways and walkway clear to invite more people in. Savannah’s winter weather coupled with a warm reception will make your open house a definite success. But be sure to prepare additional pictures for those who wanted to see how the house will look during summer and warmer weather.

Home Shopping This January?

For the serious home buyers that are planning to purchase a home this year, those that probably wanted a new home to start the New Year or perhaps needed to be relocated as most corporate moves happen at the start of the year. They have begun looking at houses that are currently on the market. With the help of many mobile apps that are easily downloaded on mobile phones, it makes it easier to check houses that are currently on the market. They get text notifications and emails about houses that are currently for sale and they spend an average of 10- 30 minutes scrolling and looking at houses that are within their budget and within the location they specified. And with the basic law of supply and demand, with fewer houses that are on the market at this time of the year and many people looking, a listed house right now will have more chances of being sold before spring market. It is also a good time to be working with your realtor as they are not usually as busy as compared to when spring market rolls in. They would have more time to help you with your home search and can help put up a good offer for a house that is on the market.

There is a myriad of reasons why people are looking at selling their houses in January and with a little less competition in the market, it is a definitely the best time to list your house. Savannah’s perfect cold weather will not deter motivated and serious home buyers in seeking out a perfect home that they can move into before April.

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