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WHEN: May 21, 2016 

WHERE: 1388 Eisenhower Drive with Free Parking on Sally Mood Drive  
Time: 05:00 PM - 08:00 PM ET

Ticket Price:  $25 in advance online or $35.00 at the door. 

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Listen to live jazz music, enjoy great wine and hors d'oeuvres. Watch Savannah's best professional artists painting. Featured Artists include Becky Frame, Irene Sainz Mayo, Kip Bradley, Joseph Ebberwein, Judy Crisp, Ann Lutz, Karen Macek, Sandy Fisher, Jeff Markowsky, and more. CLICK HERE for more information.

About the Reed House:

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The Reed House is an organization that helps people diagnosed with schizophrenia, severe depression, and bipolar disorder.  These disorders are nondiscriminatory – they affect all ages, sexes, races, and socioeconomic groups.  

The recent Community Indicators Study conducted by the United Way for the County’s 20-Year Plan identified mental illness as the number one health problem in Savannah and Chatham County.

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There are 12,000 adults in Chatham County with these disorders and Reed House provides rehabilitation services that will help them lead a meaningful and productive life.

Reed House uses the Clubhouse model of treatment which has been in place since the 1940’s to successfully mainstream participants into functioning job holding contributing members of society. Although this population has a 90% unemployment rate, about half of clubhouse members can sustain employment. 

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Each clubhouse member receives 30 hours of hands-on therapy weekly. This is unprecedented in any other treatment program in the mental health community.  

Although Reed House has been in Savannah for only three short years, it has been gaining support and acceptance from sponsors including the Metro Police department that routinely refers members and conducts training for police officers at the Reed House.  

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Our most ardent supporter, Jane Nangle, is the current Reed House Board President and was the former General Counsel of Candler Health System. She is committed and has dedicated her time to the growth of this organization.

With the acquisition of a new 8,000 square foot facility next to Daffin Park which they are closing on this month, this expansion from the current 1,500 square foot facility allows further care and recreational services.

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