We are coming close to Halloween and the witching hours of autumn. Those who like all things scary, and delight in what goes bump in the night, check out all cemeteries to see who's haunting. Savannah has a reputation for some of the most unique cemeteries in the United States. The city is almost 300 years old and certainly has both mystery and history in its burial grounds.

Some of the Major Cemeteries

The residents of the Laurel Grove Cemetery are a major study in contrasts. The northern end of the burial grounds holds the remains of hundreds of Confederate soldiers. However, if you walk to the southern side you will find one of the oldest black cemeteries in the country. The Colonial Park Cemetery happens to be one of the oldest in the United States and has some of the early settlers of Savannah resting there. The Bonaventure Cemetery is noted for being part of the best seller Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. This Cemetery also has some of the most unique tombstones you could ever find.

Savannah has the unique distinction of being America's most haunted city, and fans of the paranormal go into the cemeteries whenever they pay a visit. The cemeteries are included in a number of ghost tours, and these are some of the biggest thrills you'll ever want to be on. The cemeteries are still active and are accepting new lodgers on a regular basis. You should be a resident of Savannah before you check in at the Laurel Grove.

Finding the Right Place

It will no doubt be a long time before you settle in a cemetery. You may want to put down some roots and raise your family in the Hostess City. There are some beautiful homes in the historic district with all the charming ambience of the time long past by. There are also properties in the outlying areas that are thoroughly modern and have all the qualities of life you are looking for. Savannah is not a huge city but there is a variety of homes and architectures on every street. You can get very easily confused by all the possibilities. It helps to have someone who knows the territory as your guide. A good real estate agent makes his or her career out of studying the property. This professional can point out the best neighborhoods, price range, and what houses are worth for your consideration. You should not be working with anyone who thinks of real estate as a part-time hobby. Live Love Savannah only has full-time real estate agents on staff.

We Seek the Best Place for You

Identifying the right home for a client is more than just looking at pictures. Our agents are very familiar with the neighborhoods in Savannah, but we want to be sure you choose the right place. We listen carefully to what the client wants before we start out on the search. We also keep in close contact with the client so he or she knows we are working for them. Once a home has been identified as ideal, Live Love Savannah works on the paperwork for the closing. The negotiations that can very often be quite sensitive are handled by our professionals. We will do everything to see to it you get the best possible deal for the money you choose to spend.

Savannah cemeteries are great and people are just dying to get in them (Okay, that's a bad pun). If you're looking for the right house then stopping off at Live Love Savannah is the best idea. We would love to be able to sit down with you and go over your wishes in housing. We are more than willing to answer any of your questions and invite them. Please feel free to contact us at 912-341-6601 or by email at livelovesavannah@gmail.com

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Photo from: ghosttoursinsavannah.com