Smart phones make everything so much easier and convenient. You can shop till you drop and stay connected with everybody from your hand. People really enjoy taking selfies and that's part of the fun of having a smart phone. The laughter dies down when it comes to business, though. Some real estate agents take pictures of property with their smartphones. Frankly, that is doing a major disservice to one selling the property.

If It Looks Unprofessional It Really Is

The camera smart phone can only do so much. It will create an image of the house but there is no guarantee that it will look good. Amateurs have a bad habit of doing a rush job. It can be an accident but an interior shot that shows an overflowing garbage can isn't very attractive. Additionally, the smart phone currently does not take into consideration lighting. The wrong type of shadow can make the interior look like a dungeon. It isn't that the real estate agent is deliberately trying to mess things up. He or she is not a professional photographer.

A Photographer Paints the Picture

professional takes his or her time in doing a photo shoot of the house. The photographer will evaluate what type of
angle shots make the best qualities of the house stand out. This person is also quick to see any potential problems in a photo. Whatever would distract the viewer is eliminated from the picture. This person is an artist with a camera. He or she will notice possible creative imagery that can make the property look even better. A photographer will take advantage of the shadow and light of the exterior. What looks to be an ordinary backyard can look like a landscaping masterpiece. That is what a photographer can do best.

People buying real estate also purchase the ambiance. An amateur cannot capture that feeling. Savannah is well noted for its charm and Deep Southern imagery. A good photographer will catch the right shade and lighting, the best colors, and the district landscaping of those trees in the yard. The result is something that may look like it's out of Gone with the Wind; the old house looks more like Tara thanks to the photographer.

The photographer also spends a great deal of time editing the film. They also add the final quality touches to the images. The result of all this effort is a stunningly beautiful pictorial of the home you are trying to sell. The vision itself entices the buyer.

We Use Photographers Who Are Real Professionals

Live Love Savannah is a real estate company that specializes in the charm of Savannah. We take great pride in selling property that is typical of the Coastal Empire at its very best. We think it is a disservice to this area to show property that does not look its absolute best. That is why we use professional photographers to bring out the splendor of what we represent. Our clients are proud of their homes and we want to be able to show visually why these people feel that way. Our houses look their very best and they sell at the true value. We do everything to be sure the client gets maximum return on the sale.

If you have property and are looking to sell please feel free to contact us. We will make your home look magnificent with a professional touch by one of our photographers.

We feel we are raising the bar in the real estate industry by using professional photographers to capture the home and lifestyle.

Here at Live Love Savannah we believe that once you've had a chance to talk with us, and see our marketing plan , you will know the value of having us represent you. Please feel free to contact us at 912-341-6601 with any questions. We will be happy to answer them all.

Here at Live Love Savannah we believe you should LOVE Where You LIVE! Invest In Your Lifestyle!

You Should Love Where You Live! Invest in Your Lifestyle!